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Dear Reader,

Over dinner one night, my husband suggested that I write a book about potential. “You’ve always enjoyed helping clients find their potential and passion,” he said, “and you’re good at what you do. You could help a lot more people with a book.”

I did it! My Step into your Brilliance book is based on a six-step program I developed over decades as an educational and career counselor, therapist, and corporate trainer.

Before I begin, let me explain brilliance. Brilliance is inside everyone. It’s the core of our potential and the charge of energy that makes us spark—and sparkle—in life. Literally! It has been found that the cells of our brain light up when stimulated by something positive. Things like the activities and people we’re naturally attracted to, the goals we’re excited about, and our many passions that make us glow from inside. We all like the good feelings of this stimulation, popularized by research on endorphins. Unfortunately, most people don’t harness this energy, day by day, minute by minute. I’ve seen this kind of stimulus change lives, and I look forward to helping you move into the joy of your potential. Stepping into our brilliance is a fun thing to get into—even when life isn’t being so nice to us.

Excellence is stimulating, too! Doing a great job at something we love comes naturally, especially when we do a lot of it, like the home runs I hit as a child who played a lot of softball. Or, like a student’s fascination with science, leading her to develop a prize-winning project recognized as brilliant.

The ideas for this book and The PEP Chart® were shaped by my work with teenagers and adults in all walks of life, as well as my graduate degrees in counseling and education. During my Amish childhood, I was exposed to people whose passion for life inspired me to move into my own interests and develop my potential. Although I was influenced and mentored by many other people, those childhood role models shaped my thinking in ways I did not truly understand until I wrote this book.

You’ll read about my role models as you complete Your PEP Chart®, then you will be invited to write about your own. Your stories may differ from mine since I was born into an unusual culture, but maybe not.

My goal is that this book helps put you onto a path to your passions, your potential, and your brilliance. This may be one of the most exciting adventures you will ever experience. It may also be one of the most difficult, especially if you are compelled to succeed.

This book is my adventure into my brilliance and I hope it will become yours, too. Together we can make a difference in the way people think of their capabilities and their options.

Yours truly,

Dr. Ann Stoltzfus Taylor