Meet Dr. Ann Taylor Ed.D

Ann Taylor Ed.D is a writer, presenter and life coach from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, specializing in the topic of “your potential.” As the oldest of four, she credits her childhood role models for motivating her to follow her passions and discover her potential.

Taylor has an undergraduate degree in sociology with a minor in psychology from Eastern Mennonite College. She used her knowledge early in her career as a caseworker with Rockingham County Child Welfare Department where she stayed for a year before taking a similar position as a juvenile probation officer with the Lancaster County Common Pleas Court.

In 1969 she was hired at the state level, as a caseworker in the Welfare Office of Lancaster County where she worked for three years. This was followed by a thirteen-year stint as a parole agent for the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.

In 1979, Ann earned her master’s degree in counseling from Millersville State University. She “hung out a shingle” as a career and educational counselor for all ages and was eager to find out which age group was most interested in her services. That year, she was also invited to teach business courses for supervisors and managers in the evening division of the Lancaster Center of Penn State University.

After quitting her full time job as a parole agent with the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, her counseling practice expanded into psychotherapy and other services that co-existed, like the seminars and coaching she was doing.

Referrals were coming from satisfied clients and from supervisors and managers who were signed up for courses she was teaching.

That teaching position was so rewarding for Dr. Taylor that she stayed on from 1979-2000. This passion for teaching inspired her to work toward a doctoral degree in adult education, which she earned in 1995, after doing a dissertation on “Entrepreneurial Women in the Old-Order Amish Settlement of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.”

A member of the American Counseling Association, Dr. Taylor has been recognized many times throughout the course of her career including eight editions of Who’s Who of American Women and sixteen editions of Who’s Who in America.

Dr. Taylor has always been a passionate writer and at the urging of her second husband, pursued writing more formally in 1998. Her second husband, Pat, passed away in 2011 (after a thirteen-year relationship), leaving Ann with the goal of writing her childhood memoir. As a result, Dr. Taylor released, Born Amish: Life before the Ex-communication in 2019.

Currently, Ann is writing a book about “the Life I’ve Lived”. She’s also developing a training program for people who want to use the PEP Chart to help others (starting with parents, grandparents and teachers). Certification may be available.