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Looking for inspiration and tools to reach your potential? As a writer, presenter and life coach, Ann Taylor, EdD has inspired many people with her real life stories, as well as tools and techniques to unlock untold potential for tweens, teens, and adults alike. Check out her books to discover the passions and goals that will bring out your best self.

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Your PEP Chart®

This six-page booklet will point you to the best of your potential as you know it now. It’s written for teens and tweens who are just getting started on this exciting adventure, but adults of all ages are re-discovering themselves with the help of Your PEP Chart.

Your challenge is to discover the passions and goals that bring out the best of your potential, or what I call “your brilliance.” When completed, this chart will tell you a great deal about yourself, your potential, and what you really want – at this time in your life. Things get even better as your potential fires up to a unique brilliance, where you shine in what you do.

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Public and private workshops on Your PEP Chart are also available.

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Six Steps to Your Potential: the official workbook for Your PEP Chart

This 60-page workbook is filled with thought-provoking questions and exercises that will help you go deeper into the information on Your PEP Chart. It points you to the best part of your potential, or brilliance. The workbook is being revised; for release in September 2019.

A family’s experience: “Your workbook made my family think about our potential because of questions throughout the book that trigger the mind. The 6-Steps in the workbook organized our thinking so that we could quickly come up with things we love doing, and with a goal or two we really want to accomplish. It was also helpful to know that we can change our mind about our goals since they’re not set in stone… and that its good to play, be wildly creative, do fun things, or just relax sometimes.”

Don’t miss Ann Taylor’s training programs – listed on her calendar of events. Together, we can set off a powerful chain reaction that will make a difference in how we see our potential, including our children’s.

Public Workshops and seminars on the PEP Chart are also available.

Born Amish book cover

Born Amish

This is a true story about Ann Stoltzfus Taylor’s memories of life as a little Amish girl whose world drastically shifted one day. At age fourteen, the bishop – known to her as Uncle Dan – abruptly ex-communicated her father, grandfather, and others during a heated discussion over a friend’s growing manufacturing business.

Now in this heart-warming memoir, Ann paints a picture of growing up in an Amish farm family, whose influences weren’t truly understood until now. The power and benefits of those cultural values – and the pain of ex-communication that sparked her interest in psychology and therapy – would spur her on to a satisfying career, three degrees, including a doctorate, and two husbands who supported her goals… and her potential.

Read an article published in Lancaster Newspaper.

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